Every great mystery comes with a compelling cast of character. This list will grow as new characters are revealed.

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Eliot (El) Wiley: A free-spirited journalist who stops at nothing to get a story. Has she finally gone too far?

Grant Maxwell: A rising star in Atlanta’s culinary scene, but does he have the recipe for finding his friend?

Frank Wiley: Eliot’s unassuming father who takes his secrets with him when he slips into a coma.

Nick: Creative Loafing powerhouse and Grant's old friend. But why is he always in a hurry to get off the phone?

Jules: Eliot’s new girlfriend—or so she says.

DJ YAWPmusic: An avid tweeter and Eliot admirer, but is this anonymous DJ a danger off the dance floor?

Mallory: A reference librarian, she knows her way around the archives. But should Grant read more into her killer smile?

Brian: The other librarian, the one with lots of answers. But have they asked the right questions?

Allen Roberts: Founder and CEO of one of Atlanta’s premiere restaurant groups, the dollar signs behind Bravata. What might he do to protect his investment?